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Hello and welcome to sleekit store, our online shop for silk scarves.

We have just created our brand new website and uploaded new products. Our blog is going to be a place where we will share with you all things new and exclusive. All of our behind the scenes snap shots and a look into the process of how we make our products. 


It is really great to be able to share our first blog with you and introduce you to SLEEKIT!

My name is Iain Macdonald and I create all of the textiles prints and products for the brand. Ever since I graduated from Gray’s School of Art back in 2012 I have been obsessed with creating artwork that I can turn into fashion, to turn my art work into fabric and then create something from that fabric for someone to wear and keep, really drives my passion for producing wearable art. Sleekit is an independent luxury fashion label based in Glasgow, Scotland. Working from our studio in the city we are surrounded by our research, paints, inks and sketches where we hand draw all of our designs. 

So if you love hand-made, independent design, art and something made with love, then please keep following us as we grow our label with art & soul. 

Sleekit was founded last year after a huge leap and positive change came about when I realised that to show my art work in its best light, I could create beautiful silk scarves. Accessories really excited me because of the size you could make your art work and it would be so easy for a customer to own a piece of the art. 

With the help and support from an amazing programme called fashion foundry, we set out on our adventure and turned the passion into a the brand now known as sleekit. 


The brand is SLEEKIT and the social media is Sleekit Studio, our online shop for Sleekit is Sleekit Store. We have found this to be the best way to break the brand up really efficiently. If you go to our social media handles @sleekitstudio you will find a selection of really personal behind the scenes studio snaps and live videos. 

Sleekit studio instagram



We have a just created a newsletter for you which you can use to sign up to if you visit our Home page. We are going to be announcing a discount newsletter so right now it would be worth signing up for. 

Coming soon

Get ready for brand new designs dropping throughout our website. Just now we are heavily focusing on Jungle prints and tropical scenes. Our love for nature and drawing anything natural just inspires instant sketching. 

If you love what you have read so far, please follow us on all the normal social media apps, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We would love if you could spread the word and if you have any friends or family who love wearable art, luxury fabrics or silk scarves, we are here for you. 

We are looking forward to bringing you lots more art work and silk scarves at Sleekit Studio. 


Sleekit Store! 


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